Frankie's Jazz Club 08:00 pm

As it turns out, there is nearly an endless supply of cute Blossom Dearie tunes for this band to revive!  Sarah Kennedy is returning to Frankie’s for another night as the notoriously cute, Blossom Dearie.  You will be delighted and surprised at the accuracy of Sarah’s Blossom impression: you’re allowed to giggle.  Blossom Dearie was a Brooklyn born jazz singer, pianist and composer, who became famous for a girlish and mousy voice as well as a unique sense of time and phrasing. The music abounds with satire, lyrical wit, and adorable Tin Pan Alley tune arrangements. Sarah Kennedy is joined by some of Vancouver’s finest musicians to bring to life Blossom’s legacy.  Tickets $15 added to cheque.  Reservations recommended via Frankie’s Jazz Club


Sarah Kennedy – voice

Nick Peck – piano

Chris Fraser – guitar

Alex Kelley – bass

Sam Cartwright – drums

Sarah Kennedy and Nick Peck at the Heritage Grill

Sarah Kennedy and Nick Peck at the Heritage Grill

The Heritage Grill 08:00 pm

The Heritage Grill is having Sarah Kennedy and Nick Peck return for an evening of jazz duo performance.  Sarah will be picking some of her favourite standards and fulfilling requests of her long-time fans in her home suburb.  They’ll still be glammed up like it’s New York though 😉  8pm-midnight!

Sarah Kennedy and Friends at the Silk Purse

Sarah Kennedy and Friends at the Silk Purse

The Silk Purse 04:30 pm

Sarah Kennedy will be playing for “Jazz Happy Hour” at the Silk Purse on August 11th as part of the Harmony Arts Festival.  It’ll be short and sweet from 4:30-5:30pm.  She is joined by Bruno Hubert on piano, Andre Lachance on bass and Bernie Arai on drums.   It’ll be one hour of your life well spent!  And also, you won’t spend anything else because it is free!